Four Things to Check This Winter | Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

Fixed fluid gas heater in a Lower Hutt home

Four things to check when turning on your gas heater for the first time this winter.

  • Is there a smell?
  • Is the heater making any unusual noises?
  • Is there any sign of visible damage to any of the hoses or elements, or is there a soot deposit in or around the system?
  • Is the appliance hard to light or does it burn with a weak yellow flame?

If you notice any of these signs, turn off the appliance right away and call Watersmith Plumbing and Gas. Faulty gas appliances or blockages can be terribly dangerous.

All gas heaters and fires, outside or inside your Lower Hutt or Wellington property, need to be safety checked by a certified gas fitter. Most heater manufacturers recommend annual inspections.

Portable gas heaters like LPG cabinet heaters and other unflued space heaters need special care. Unflued gas appliances don’t have a vent or chimney so they draw the air needed from the area around them and discharge the waste combustion directly into that space. As a result it is extremely important that unflued gas heaters are used in well ventilated areas with plenty of fresh air circulating. Never use unflued heaters in a bedroom or small room.

As certified gas fitters, Watersmith Plumbing and Gas recommend flued gas heaters where possible. Flued heaters discharge waste combustion to the outside and reduce the amount of condensation build up in a room, which is a common symptom of gas heating.

Get your gas heater or fire checked and serviced before it gets too cold and you really need it—we can usually inspect all your gas appliances in a single visit. If you have a house in Lower Hutt, the Hutt Valley or greater Wellington area, get in touch for a free quote.