Do you have a leaking hot water cylinder or low hot water pressure?

It’s no secret that hot water is an essential part of you and your families day. A leaking hot water system or hot water cylinder isn’t something to ignore. You might only find out about it when there’s no hot water.

Watersmith Plumbing and Gas can repair or upgrade your existing hot water system, supply and install new hot water cylinders, install gas continuous flow hot water systems, or relocate you existing hot water system.

With over 12 years experience installing and replacing hot water cylinders, we are based in Lower Hutt and can easily service the Hutt Valley and greater Wellington region.

If the cylinder is leaking from around the pipes or valves it can be a fairly easy and inexpensive fix. However, if your hot water cylinder is leaking from around the element or at the base of the cylinder, there’s not much option other than to replace it, as it’s likely the internal tank has rusted.

Watersmith Plumbing and Gas are friendly, punctual, certified and experienced plumbers. For any job big or small call Watersmith on 0800 764 849—we’re happy to provide an honest, no obligation, free quote.

If you suffer from low hot water pressure or your hot water temperature is too hot or cold we can help with that too.

Rinnai hot water cylinder installed into a home in Lower Hutt by Watersmith Plumbing and GasLow hot water pressure in home in Lower Hutt

Some Lower Hutt, Hutt Valley and Wellington homes that we’ve sorted the hot water:

  • Hot water plumbing repairs (Avalon, Upper Hutt)
  • Hot water plumbing repairs (Petone, Lower Hutt)
  • Over flowing hot water cylinder (Silverstream, Upper Hutt)
  • New Rinnai cylinder installed (Central Hutt, Lower Hutt)
  • Installed new Rinnai Infinity (Maungaraki, Lower Hutt) 
  • Adjustment to water temperature and pressure (Maungaraki, Lower Hutt)
  • Hot water plumbing repairs (Avalon, Upper Hutt)
  • New Rinnai cylinder installed (Miramar, Wellington)

If you’re looking for a plumber in Lower Hutt or Wellington, we can provide a FREE quote to sort your hot water woes, call Watersmith now on 0800 764 849

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