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Wellington renovation, alteration, addition or new build

Are you thinking of carrying out a renovation, alteration or addition to your Lower Hutt or Wellington home?

A renovation is an update to an existing building or a return to new condition. An alteration is a change to the existing building and an addition is adding to the existing building. Watersmith Plumbing and Gas are experienced plumbers in all three scopes and are certified to handle the entire plumbing system in your Lower Hutt home.

We are happy to work along side builders to ensure design and specifications are followed. We can attend site meetings when needed, discuss dates, procedures and time frames. Our plumbers have the nous to read and interpret plans and drawings.

When renovating your residential property, whether it be places like your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to plan for all aspects of the build, including the essential plumbing work.

Home renovations can be stressful, especially if you are trying to live in your home while renovating. Watersmith Plumbing and Gas has a heap of experience and can assist you with your home alteration or addition. We will try and keep your essential plumbing services up and running for the duration. We can supply everything from the toilet to the taps. We are well aware that the quality of your kitchen, bathroom, and overall plumbing directly correlates to the value of your home.

We are proud to offer private home builders a top plumbing service—our plumbers approach each job with skill, honesty, and integrity. Get in touch for a free quote or to help plan your renovation in Lower Hutt, the Hutt Valley or greater Wellington region.