Is Your Hot Water Cylinder Safe? | Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

Wellington earthquake rail damage

If you have a home in Lower Hutt or Wellington are you sure you have effective seismic restraints on your hot water cylinder?

Your hot water cylinder can cause a whole heap of damage in an tremor. Even small shakes can cause hot water cylinders to rock and crack pipes. In large earthquakes, the hot water cylinder can fall or slide, with boiling water becoming a hazard.

Remember too, the cylinder water could be your largest source of drinking water after a disaster.

Securing a hot water cylinder is fairly easy. However, it not only needs to be strapped, but must be braced securely, particularly at the base.

As well as securing your hot water cylinder it should be checked for temperature and pressure. If the thermostat continuously heats and the pressure relief valve malfunctions the cylinder can explode like a rocket!

Your water heater will function better and be safer if you do a little routine maintenance. If you have a house in Lower Hutt, the Hutt Valley or greater Wellington area, get in touch for a free quote to check that your hot water cylinder is secure and safe.