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Burst Dux Quest pipe in a Lower Hutt home

Do you have Dux Quest piping in your Lower Hutt or Wellington home?

Dux Quest is a discontinued style of black plastic piping used in houses in New Zealand in the late 70’s, postdating copper pipes.

Dux Quest was withdrawn from the market a number of years ago after hundreds of faults were reported.

Dux Quest is notorious for splitting, particularly around the joins, and is pretty much made of pure fail!

It doesn’t matter if Dux Quest pipes are in your walls, ceiling or underfloor, when they crack they’ll spray water over whatever is near, making a big mess.

If you have Dux Quest in your home you need to get rid of it. If it hasn’t already failed, it will be about to fail.

Often insurance companies won’t cover damage done by Dux Quest piping, especially if it has leaked before.

Why risk it? If you have a house in Lower Hutt, the Hutt Valley or greater Wellington area, get in touch for a free quote to remove your Dux Quest.